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About start-ups and government at Profit LIVE

profitliveI had a great conversation with Daniel Apostol, former manager of The Money Channel TV and founder of Profit LIVE, an online broadcasting platform. This was also my first experience on a live Internet broadcast. To be short, here are the main conclusions we talked about:

  • 99% of the young people (that is those who do not have a passion or a talent that can be transformed in a business idea) need easy access to funding schemes.
  • central public authorities need to cut all the useless and sometimes excessive bureaucratic barriers from the funding schemes, like “authorized business codes,” “artificial conditions,” “discrimination between projects in cities vs. projects in rural areas,” to name just a few.
  • project officers need to have regular meetings with the beneficiaries, to prevent any budget cuts and reimbursement problems.
  • all the executive positions in local and central governments need to be open for contest in order to get rid of the political nominations.
  • cities in the disadvantaged areas like Galati need big companies and local public officials who know how to attract them.

The talk show can be seen here.

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