Participative Democracy,  SMART Method of Public Policy

Invitation to test the participation platform on

Public Policies Made by Citizens (Europe)
Public Policies Made by Citizens (Europe)

This post is indeed an invitation to anybody interested in the field of “participative democracy.” I am developing the citizen engagement platform “public policies made by citizens” together with partners from Romania, Italy, France and Greece. We managed to win a grant from the European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme. My first important deadline for this year is to have it ready by February 1. So, here’s what I invite you to do:

  1. First, choose any problem of European concern and make sure you know how to explain it.
  2. Then, go to and click on the “Raise a problem” link (let me know if it is easy to find).
  3. In the next step, fill out the form, click “Add” and let me know if it is reasonably easy to publish the problem.
  4. Once the problem is approved by me, you will receive an email. Please, let me know if you receive that email and if you like it.
  5. Visit the page of the problem and let me know if it has a coherent layout, which is easy to understand and use.

Now, start doing some outreach using the “SHARE” widget, to have friends or just other people post solutions to your problem, filling in the online form from the problem’s page.

This would be all for the moment. The entire method of participation is explained in the menu, under “SMART Method of Public Policy” at

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