Participative Democracy,  SMART Method of Public Policy

Test the citizen engagement platform at STEP 3

Once a problem’s page is generated, any person interested in the problem in question can offer a solution, filling in the “solution form” at the bottom of the page. The scoop is for the problem to receive as many solutions as possible. These are filtered according to the three criteria (valuable, feasible and sustainable) by the partner organizations. Once a solution is chosen, one of the organizations issues an official policy paper that asks the target public institution to solve the problem and consider the solution. This policy is uploaded on the problem’s page. Once the public institution issues a response, this one is also published on the same problem’s page. At this moment, the problem poster has two options:

  • Either approve the response and thus close the problem’s page.
  • Or disapprove the response. In this case he/she will state the reasons and the participation process is started again.

The page of a closed problem on
The page of a closed problem on

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