My PhD in Economics

Time for PhD papers

"Lower Danube" University of Galati, Romania
"Lower Danube" University of Galati, Romania

I haven’t been writing lately, but I have a pretty good excuse: I am working and developing four papers for my PhD, to be published in various conferences’ proceedings and journals in Romania and abroad. Their titles are:

  1. Online vs. Offline vs. Mixed Participation for Better Governmental Policy Making
  2. e-Democracy Platforms for Governmental Decision Making. Case Study on “SMART Method of Public Policy”
  3. Entrepreneurship in Times of Economic and Financial Crises. Methods of Adaptation and Survival
  4. Better Policy Making for Businesses, Through Online Citizen Engagement

The papers are mostly related to participative democracy, which is a fascinating and creative field of study. My PhD thesis will have a chapter on this issue, that I hope to be very very interesting. I will publish abstracts of the papers, as well as photos and hopefully videos from the conferences that I plan to attend this Spring.

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