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Interesting solutions to the problem of road safety in Romania

Road safety in Romania
Road safety in Romania

Road safety is an issue affecting everybody: drivers, pedestrians, byciclists, and public transportation users alike. However, many of us are not fully aware of its importance, although it has claimed over 70,000 lives in Romania within the last 20 years. Dori Slosberg Romania Foundation, together with, have decided to raise awareness about the need of road safety and to challenge citizens endorse inovative solutions. So, what can be done to reduce the rate of car- and car-related accidents? What are the best solutions to decrease the number of casualties and injuries determined by traffic?

During the first nine months of 2011, there were 6,715 serious car accidents in Romania, which resulted in 6,359 serious injuries and 1,452 casualties. The reasons why these accidents happened are numerous, including lack of education, poor regulations and poor infrastructure. We want our community members and civil society to adopt a more preventive attitude towards personal safety on our roads. As a result of our campaign, we will select the most valuable, sustainable and feasible solutions to improve road safety in Romania. We will then write a policy paper that will be sent to the relevant public authorities in charge, to endorse the best ideas for community implementation.

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