My PhD in Economics

I made the public presentation of my PhD thesis

PhD Thesis Presentation
PhD Thesis Presentation

Saturday, January 14, 2011, I made the public presentation of my PhD thesis entitled “Entrepreneurship in Times of Economic and Financial Crises. Methods of Adaptation and Survival.” The ceremony took place at the School of Economics and Business Administration from Lower Danube University of Galati, Romania. It has been a period of intensive research that helped me understand the entrepreneurial phenomenon better. I also analyzed the most appropriate behavior needed to stimulate business and social entrepreneurship both by managers and public officials.

Companies begin to have problems when clients loose confidence in their ability to provide goods and services of higher quality. This behavior is affecting their solidity. Entrepreneurs – those who take the risks to transform a business idea into deliverables to be sold on markets – have a very difficult task: to initiate, to organize and to maintain a company on the market, offering salaries, paying taxes and developing local communities. In order to establish a company, the entrepreneur needs courage, but to keep it, he needs to identify an opportunity. Many times, he will not succeed from the first attempt, but has the strength to transform failure into new opportunities, learning from his past mistakes. To be entrepreneur requires vigilence and talent, but also adequate education.

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