My PhD in Economics

Have started the on-the-field research for my PhD thesis

The thesis that I proposed to my instructor–and that was approved–is called “Entrepreneurship during economic and financial crises. Methods of adaptation and survival.” During this period of time, I am conducting the on-the-field research in six counties of the South-East region of Romania. Together with a good friend of mine, I am interviewing over 100 companies to discover an efficient and effective model that entrepreneurs can use to survive severe recessions. We will publish a research report exclusively with the results of the survey that we apply to companies. The actual “success model” that I hope to discover will be presented in my PhD thesis.

The research report is also an important activity in the project “Entrepreneurship competences for the young people of the South-East region of Romania – CA TINE” which is financed by the European Union. This project is coordinated by SMART Development Centre in partnership with “Lower Danube” University of Galati, Romania. We have also set up a website at, where entrepreneurs that we can’t meet during our research, can fill out the survey online. This way, my research may be based on the answers of more that 100 companies.

Below there’s a clip that I made when Iulian Cazacu, the President of SMART Development Centre and I, launched the project at the Senate Hall of “Lower Danube” University. It’s in Romanian, but I’ll try to make some subtitles in YouTube. Iulian is presenting the whole project, while I am talking about the research activity only.

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