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I’m looking for proposals to develop the City of Galati, Romania

The City of Galati
The City of Galati

Galati, a city that lies in the South – East region of Romania by the river Danube and close to the border with Moldova and Ukraine, is one of the biggest cities in the country, having about 230,000 residents. It has an important higher education center, hard working people and opportunities to develop the business environment. However, other Romanian cities like Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj, and Constanta are well ahead in every walks of life.

In order to enjoy a higher standard of living, close to the decent norms of the European Union, we need to make local public policies in a cooperative manner, bringing together politics, the public administration, the business environment, unions, NGOs and every-day citizens. Besides initiative and a corruption free environment, we also need creative development ideas. This way, taxpayers’ money will be used most efficiently, with greater poisitive impact on the sustainable development of the city.

What projects are really needed to secure the city’s future, boost the standard of living, reduce unemployment, and make this area a competitiveness center nationally and internationally? Solutions cand be offered on the citizen engagemenet platform The best project ideas will be discussed with local public authorities and the business environment.

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  • nicolau alexandru

    Radu, cred ca demersul tau e admirabil. Insa…mi-e frica sa nu cumva sa fie in van. In sensul ca…au fost mai multe astfel de discutii si…iti spun sincer…actuali guvernanti locali (exclusiv pesedisti), nici macar n-au avut o reactie. Mi-as dori sa putem cu totii avea o reactie…si un raspuns.

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