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Bankers Cafe&Hubb Featured In Forbes Romania

Bankers Cafe&Hubb
Bankers Cafe&Hubb

Forbes Magazine is dedicating one issue to the hubs of Romania. I was expecting to be more hubs out there, especially for their great potential to stimulate the creativity of young entrepreneurs. The philosophy behind a hub is simple: in an open space with access to all the basic services to initiate and develop a business or a nonprofit project, the hub is creating a community of entrepreneurs who help one another and grow together. The offices are usually shared and facilitate the interaction between members. Also, the hub is always hosting numerous networking events and presentations. Forbes Romania is featuring the hubs from Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj, and Galati. Apparently, we are the only ones who have attached a cafe to our hub and gave it a theme. We use the cafe to organize social events as a follow up of our main group activities, but also to spend more quality time there. At Bankers, we have organized so far presentations of various grant opportunities, company mixers, press conferences, training courses, working meetings, networking mixers, and quality concerts.

Bankers Cafe&Hubb in Fobes Romania
Bankers Cafe&Hubb in Forbes Romania

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