• Paul

    I cannot say why citizens do not participate, but I can say why I do not participate.

    All the reason you said are valid but I have a hunch that for most citizens who don’t participate these are just excuses, I know for me it’s true.

    I do not participate because I am sick and tired and frustrated of all the s**theads that we call politicians. They are busy with their petty interests, and they do not care about what happens in this country, they only care for their pockets and in the meantime I pay taxes. A lot of taxes. And for what? To be fu**ed over and over again by ever changing laws, by “business partners” that only try to steal from you and they are supported by an inefficient justice system that is designed to protect unlawful behavior, by control agencies that come just get their bribe and the laws support them by being so damn evasive and so on…

    And most of all I do not participate because I do not see how I can make a difference. If you know, please share with me…

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